Your Favourite Teacher Composition

Your Favourite Teacher Composition : Introduction: Teachers are the nation builders. They give lesson to the young learners. They leave great on the students. All the students owe to them for their outstanding sincerity and devotion. The students fail to forget the teachers with whom they come in contact in the course of their education life.

My Favourite teacher : In my student life, I have encountered many teachers. All of them are dear to me. Among them I am highly attached with Md. Mujibur Rahman. He impresses me very much. I am always fascinated by his personality, character and behaviour. He is our Bengali teacher. I like him most.

Why I like him: I am highly fond of my favourite teacher. He has cultivated some ideals within me. He has successfully led my life to the path of perfection. I am highly indebted to him for his ardent teaching and amiability. His character and high sense of responsibility also place him as my favourite teacher.

Your Favourite Teacher Composition

Characteristics of my favourite teacher: Md. Mujibur Rahman has some sterling characteristics. Because of these, he is respected by all. Everybody can not but praise him. He earns our love by virtue of his talent, merit and personality. Teacher sacrifices his life for the betterment of the students. He takes teaching from his heart.

His qualification: My favourite teacher has a good academic background. He is B.A. (Hons) M.A. His career is very rich. He got star marks both in S.S.C and H.S.C. My Favourite took training from our national institution. He also joined different workshops and seminars. he has some publications also.

His teaching method: My favourite teacher’s teaching method is really excellent. He is very helpful to the students. Teacher teaches the students easily. he is a studious man. Before taking the classes, he takes strong preparation. His voice is distinct. His body language is up to the mark. He makes all the lessons enjoyable to us. If any student fails to understand, he does not loose heart. Nor does he feel disturbed. He tries his utmost to make the students understand.

Your Favourite Teacher Composition

His character : My favourite teacher is a man of strong character. He is very polite, gentle, amiable and just. He is virtuous. Teacher says his prayer regularly. He speaks the truth. he does not indulge in any bad activities. He is endowed with principles. My Favourite Teacher carries out his duties without any lapses. he has smooth code of conduct. My Favourite Teacher behaves well with us. He speaks cordially with me specially when I go to him for some special purposes. He does not become rude to me or reject me. I am highly pleased at his polite behaviour.

His dutifulness: My favourite teacher has strong sense of dutifulness. He attends classes in time. he is never late. Teacher never neglects his classes. He is punctual and dutiful. he always sticks to his responsibilities. He never leaves the college keeping his classes unfinished.

Your Favourite Teacher Composition

Love for the students : He has great and deep love for all the students. In return, the students also love him from the core of their heart. He feels filial affection for us. This love is hearty and pure. Out of love, he sometimes buys books for the poor students. He possesses unending stock of love for the students. The love and affection that I get from him will not be out of my mind through out my life.

Conclusion : Md. Mujibur Rahman is a successful teacher. He is really my favourite teacher. I along with other students are highly benefited by him. He is embellished with all the moral principles. He is my role model. I always try to follow him.

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