Why women have bone loss, How to control pain mentally

How to control pain mentally – Bone loss is a pervasive physical problem with aging. It is usually several times more common in women than in men. Leg pain and back pain are common problems of most forty-year-old women, including mothers, aunts, and cousins ​​in our country.

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the reasons for this. Lack of vitamin D makes the body very weak. In severe osteoporosis, even the slightest trauma can cause a bone to break. In today’s article, we will discuss Osteoarthritis in women.

Symptoms of osteoporosis in women

1) Osteoporosis can occur in any bone or joint. But it is usually more in the hand, knee, wrist, and spine joints.

2) Women have widespread complaints of pain in different body parts before and after menopause.

3) Knee and back pain when standing up after extended walking or sitting quietly for a long time.

4) The affected joint may become swollen, red, and feverish.

5) Joint flexibility decreases. Movement becomes difficult.

6) Cracking sound is felt in the knee joint while walking.

Why is this problem more for women?

There are many reasons why women lose more bone than men. They are:

Menopause, weight, and others

How to control pain mentally – Women stop menstruating after a certain age, i.e., menopause. This results in estrogen deficiency, which further increases bone loss. In addition, not doing enough physical exercise, not taking calcium and vitamin D, if body weight is too low according to BMI, if you were sitting for a long time washing dishes, cleaning the house, cooking, smoking, or drinking alcohol. This problem gradually increases. 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding cause calcium deficiency in the mother’s body. Because of this, the risk of bone loss increases.

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Pathological factors

If the thyroid hormone level in a woman’s body is higher than average, if you have to lie down for a long time in diseases like breast cancer or brain stroke, then bone loss also increases. 

Besides, if some medicines are consumed for a long time, it directly or indirectly contributes to bone loss. For example, birth control injections, antipsychotic drugs, cancer chemotherapy drugs, etc. Sometimes genetic or hereditary factors can also cause bone loss. How to control pain mentally.

What can be done to prevent bone loss

1) Following a balanced diet, such as consuming foods rich in vitamin D and calcium. Non-dairy milk, cow’s liver, cheese, egg yolk, low-fat yogurt, cod liver oil, etc., are rich in vitamin D and calcium.

2) Smoking and drinking habits should be avoided.

3) Care should be taken not to fall suddenly.

4) Women aged 50 and above should consult a doctor to determine their bone density.

5) Sunbathing for some time every day is good. Exercise should be done in the light morning or afternoon sun. It will produce sufficient vitamin D in the body’s skin.

6) Lifestyle or lifestyle should be changed. Keep your body active through regular walking, exercise, etc. It will strengthen the bones.

7) Avoid stress or anxiety. Stress causes the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which inhibits calcium absorption.

8) Women must eat a glass of milk every day. It is rich in vitamins as well as calcium. Calcium is essential for strong bone formation and bone health.

Ways to control pain

How to control pain mentally – Bone loss increases with age. Once bone loss begins, it cannot be reversed. Early treatment, diet, and lifestyle changes can slow down this deterioration and relieve temporary pain. Actions that can keep pain under control:

  • Avoid doing any work with bent knees.
  • Don’t sit on low stools, stilts, or water fountains.
  • Do not sit or walk for long periods.
  • Use high commodes
  • If it is difficult to pray by bending the knees or sitting, you should pray by sitting on a high chair.
  • Physiotherapy, regular exercise, and taking painkillers
  • Various interventional treatments like steroid injection into the affected joint, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, stem cell transplant, nerve block, etc.

How to control pain mentally – Generally, most patients get better with the above treatment. However, some patients require surgery. For example, joint replacement or knee replacement surgery. 

No physical problem is negligent. However, since women are more prone to bone loss, they should be aware of this beforehand. Take care of your body regularly, and stay healthy. How to control pain mentally.

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