Who is Ayman Sadiq? Education, family

Ayman Sadiq is a Bangladeshi education entrepreneur and internet personality known by one name. It is called digital beacon. Not a YouTuber, he is known as a young entrepreneur. He is the founder of Ten Minutes School, an online educational institution.

Ayman Sadiq was born on 2 September 1992 in a Muslim family in Comilla. His father Brigadier General Taib is the Chief Financial Officer of Bangladesh University of Professionals and his mother Sharmin Akhtar is a housewife. Ayman studied at Cantonment School and College, Chittagong.

He did his higher secondary studies at Adamji Cantonment Public School and College. Ayman completed his graduation in Business Administration from IBA (Institute of Business Administration) of Dhaka University.

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Ayman Sadiq’s ’10 Minute School’

Ayman Sadiq founded ’10 Minute School’ in 2015. At that time he was an IBA student of Dhaka University. He was impressed by similar online learning websites Khan Academy, TED and Coursera and thought of starting a similar program.

Where the courses will be taken in Bengali to help Bangladeshi students. Founder Ayman Sadiq started 10 Minute School in 2014 through YouTube channel.

Who is Ayman Sadiq?

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He then thought, how wonderful it would be if he could become a great mind instead of a small mind. How many new ideas would come out. Ayman Sadiq has been motivating people on various social platforms including Facebook and YouTube for a long time to build a career.

In addition, he is regularly motivating his fans on his fan page and YouTube channel on how to build his own career using social platforms. He is helping thousands of students with regular suggestions through his ’10 Minute School’ organization.

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