Water Pollution Paragraph With PDF

Water Pollution Paragraph : Water is a very important part of our life.  Water is essential for the survival of all living things on earth. water is used for all our daily activities. Contaminated and dirty water is very unsafe for our health. Water is polluted in various ways. Mills pollute the water by dumping their toxic materials and wastes into the water. Unsafe drains and latrines built along the river contaminate the water.

The chemical fertilizers and pesticides that the farmer uses on his land to get more crop yields pollute the water. Vessels pollute the water by dumping chemicals and excreta of people on board the vessels. Polluted water is unfit for fish, as a result of which our ponds, reservoirs, rivers are becoming fishless day by day. All these pollutions have many harmful effects. Contaminated water causes many water borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhea etc.

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So, we need to stop water pollution very fast. We can prevent water pollution through modern waste management. A farmer can prevent water pollution by using organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers on his land. Above all everyone’s awareness can save us from water pollution.  Let us all come forward to prevent water pollution. Water Pollution Paragraph

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