View and reply to all mobile messages on PC

View and reply to all mobile messages on PC!! Most of us have a laid-back attitude when painting a picture about ourselves. Maybe you are in emergency work on PC, but when the message comes in your phone, you have to check the news with the phone in hand, then you have to leave the phone and focus on PC work again. You may not know that you can read your mobile SMS from your computer and even reply through the computer quickly. In addition, you can handle the full SMS function from a computer and even send a message to a new user.

Today we want to teach you this system through this article how all the messages from mobile can now be controlled on PC. Of course, no software is required for this.

To do this, open a browser of your choice on your keyboard or laptop. Then type ‘’ in the address bar or click here directly. Keep in mind that this is a complete Google service, and you will never need any third-party software support. After entering this website of Google, you will get your phone in hand. Then if your phone has default google message apps, open it.


There are some phones where Google’s messaging app is not used. If your phone does not have this messaging app from Google, download the ‘Messages’ software from the Google Play Store. Note below that the software is written as ‘Google LLC,’ which means it is Google’s software but mainly offered on mobile. If not, install it for free from Google Play Store. Once installed from the Play Store, click Open. View and reply to all mobile messages on PC !!

After opening, you will notice that a completely blank or a new page will open where you must configure. This time you have the default SMS app, click there, then select the software you have downloaded on your mobile, that is, the message software of Google, you have to fix it as the default software. Then select the app that has Google Message as the default app. It may take some time here. All the old SMS in your phone will be loaded in this message from Google.

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This time it is a matter of connecting PC and mobile simultaneously. For this, you have to come to PC, and if you look at the top of the browser that you were in, you will see the text ‘Messages For Web’ click there. Then if you take a good look at the page that will open with a QR code (QR Code), they will then connect to your phone through this code.

View and reply to all mobile messages on PC

Now you take your phone in hand and open the message software you have downloaded from Google. If you look at the top, you will see a menu icon and click on it. It will then ask you to scan the QR Code scanner. Then click here. The back camera of your phone will then be opened to scan the QR code. Then check the QR code on your PC or laptop, and you will see that the SMS options of the mobile are connected to your PC or laptop in a short time.


If you notice this, all the SMS on your phone will be on the right side of your PC. And from here, the way you reply to your phone, the way the message is viewed, the message is sent to someone new. Everything can be done quickly. Also, if you look at the top, you will see an option called Remember. If you tick it, you will be automatically connected again when you enter that web address after cutting your browser. View all mobile messages on PC now and reply !!

However, there will be ideas and requirements to bookmark this web address in your browser so that you can easily access it here.

Now, if you find it annoying to repeatedly see your phone’s SMS from your PC or having trouble with your PC, then go to your phone’s Google Messages software and click on the menu option, and similarly, it says ‘Messages’ Click on ‘For Web,’ and if you look down, you will see ‘Paired Device.’ Below that, you will see a list of the browsers connected to J. If you click on the Cancel icon, it will be automatically canceled.

This is a fundamental trick through which you can save time and make the most of your experience. Many people want us to read the phone messages repeatedly, so this article is for them to read through PC. We hope you find the article helpful, and if you like it, don’t forget to share our writing and let us know your opinion through the committee.


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