Valentine’s Day pictures, poems, quotes

World Love Day is February 14. This February 14 is celebrated all over the world as Valentine’s Day. Previously Valentine’s Day was confined to the United States or Western societies but is now celebrated worldwide joy frenzy.

Valentine’s Day is what we call Valentine’s Day in English. Every human being is excited about Valentine’s Day. Although there is love in every relationship in the world, Valentine’s Day does not cause much excitement in them. But for lovers, Valentine’s Day means a different kind of Day.


So today we have come up with an article about giving you love. You will find the exact information of Valentine’s Day and other related quotes SMS status poems. So that you can surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day, let’s start our today’s article, where we are waiting for your endless love from us.

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Valentine’s Day SMS

No matter how far away,

I will be by your side,

As the rain covers the grass,

Erase all your troubles,

I-will return the smile on my face.

I-tell you from the heart,

I love it so much.


Sweet girl, sweet smile, sweet talk

If you drive me crazy,

I’ll be lost with you in that blue sky,

My endless hope for you is love,

I want to get your love.


Find out in your mind,

I am the evening of your dreams,

You float across my heart

In the sea of ​​feelings,

I will fall in love like this all my life.


I get lost thinking of you.

Where there is only the nest of happiness of your love.


Hundreds of people want to spend that nest on their own.

So I floated in the sea of ​​imagination,

Your heart on the beach, you will not catch?


Valentine’s Day Quotes

  • Learn to love, learn to give love. Then there will be no lack of love in your life. – (Thomas Fuller)
  • They don’t even know when the boys fall in love. They don’t even know when the girls start acting in a really good way. – (Samaresh Majumdar)
  • When someone is loved, he can live without happiness. – (Dostoevsky)
  • To love something is to want it to survive. – (Confucius)

Poems of Valentine’s Day

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There is no one in my life but you,

I have no dreams in my life except you,

My two eyes see nothing but you,

My mind can’t think of anything but you,

I can’t write anything without you,

I don’t-want to understand anything except you.


I-will write your name with red rose petals,

I will sing your song to the tune of a thousand birds,

You know me.You are my soul.


You can hide your eyes, not your mind,

I always think of you,

If I ask my mind to you?

The mind says that now you are reading your SMS.


I am the sea. You are the waves,

No one will know that I will make love secretly.


Picture of Valentine’s Day


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