Tips to keep the kidneys healthy

Tips to keep the kidneys healthy of the five vital organs of the human body. The human body has two kidneys. Kidneys maintain the water balance in the body and filter various types of pollutants and wastes out of the body.

So if the kidney is damaged or not working correctly, various problems can happen. Any kidney disease is a silent killer. Treatment of this type of disease is also quite expensive. So kidney should be taken care of beforehand.

So let’s know today the strategy to keep kidneys well through Team Lissonari. There are ten ways to keep kidneys healthy

1. Drink enough water

At least 9/10 glasses of water or liquid should be consumed daily to keep the kidneys healthy. Excessive sweating should increase the amount of water intake. Adequate water intake prevents kidney stones and normal functioning.

2. Eat less salt

Overeating salt in food is harmful to the kidneys. The human body needs only one teaspoon of salt per day. So to keep the kidneys healthy, it is necessary to avoid eating excess salt.

3. Avoid consuming excess animal protein

Eating beef or other such animal meat puts extra stress on the kidneys. Even chips, fast food, processed food, instant noodles and salted nuts are harmful to the kidneys.

Excess protein in the diet can stress the kidneys and damage the weak kidney cells. So avoid animal protein and include pulse protein in the food list. You can also eat fish.

4. Try to keep blood pressure at normal levels

Blood pressure above 140/90 increases the risk of kidney problems. Blood pressure should always be kept at 130/80 or lower to keep the kidneys healthy It is essential to exercise regularly and eat less salt to keep blood pressure under control. Again, there is a problem even if the blood pressure drops too much.

5. Diabetes should be kept under control

If diabetes is not controlled, the risk of kidney disease increases. So check your blood sugar regularly. Avoid sweet foods that are high in sugar. But make sure that the amount of sugar stays the same.

6. Be careful about taking medicine

More or less, almost all drugs are harmful to the kidneys. Painkillers, in particular, are always a threat to the kidneys. Without knowing the rules or buying medicine yourself, you can unknowingly cause severe kidney damage. Therefore, before taking any medicine, you should take the doctor’s advice.

7. Vitamin C should not be consumed more than necessary

The human body does not need more than 500 mg of vitamin C daily. Eating more vitamin-C-rich foods than the standard requirement can lead to kidney stones. So take 500 mg or less of vitamin C per day.

8. Avoid soft drinks

Many people consume soft drinks or different energy drinks instead of water. Such drinks are very harmful to the kidneys. So avoid soft drinks and drink water whenever you feel thirsty.

9. Quit smoking and drinking habits

Due to smoking and alcohol consumption, the blood flow to the kidney gradually decreases. As a result, kidney function also decreases. So these habits should be avoided.

10. Regular kidney tests should be done

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, are overweight or have kidney problems in your family, you are at a higher risk of developing kidney disease. People who are at risk of kidney disease should have regular kidney tests.

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