The Independence Day Composition

The Independence Day Composition : Introduction : The Independence Day is a red letter day in our national life. The 26th March is the Independence Day in Bangladesh. The declaration of our independence was give on this day in 1971. As a result, we achieve our freedom through victory on the 16th December in the same year. Since then we have been living as an independent nation. So, 26th March is the most significant event for us.

The history of the day : We had been under the Pakistani rule from 1947 to 1971. Bangladesh was name East Pakistan. From the very start, the Pakistani rulers were ruling our country with an iron rod. They were depriving us of our rights. they were looting our money and sending it to West Pakistan. They were establishing industries in West Pakistan. So, people of the east part were becoming jobless. Not only that, the rulers were growing more brutal too.

They were torturing those who were raising their voice against their injustice. Even, they once tried to impose Urdu upon us. Bangbandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman was force not to form government though his party won absolute majority in the general election. Rather, he was take prisoner on the 25th March, 1971. The Pakistani rulers killed thousands of people. They fired villages after villages. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh on the eve of his imprisonment. Then the Liberation War began. We became independent through a bloody war after nine months.

The Independence Day Composition

How observed : The day is observe in a befitting manner. The day is a public holiday. The national flag is host all over the country. Different programmes are take to observe the day. Seminars and meetings are held on the importance of the day. Special food is give in jails orpharages and hospitals. Important buildings and streets are deck with different colours of flags. The Sahid Minar is cover with flowers. Different types of games are held. Cultural programmes are held in the evening. Radio, TV and newspapers highlight the significance of the day. Thus the day is observe in great enthusiasm.

Importance : The day has a great importance in our national life. We have earned name and fame for this day. Now we are the citizens of a free country. we are enjoying equal rights. We do everything freely. we are living in respect. We don’t need to bow down our head before any force. The whole world knows our country now. The day is a great inspiration. It encourages us to go ahead.

Conclusion : In fine, we can say that the Independence Day is our pride. The day has given us a new recognition. The day has given us name and fame. So, we are proud of the day.

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