The Importance of Library Composition

The Importance of Library Composition :  Introduction: Library satisfies the knowledge hunger of man. It offers knowledge and wisdom. it is always ready for the knowledge hunters. it also beckons them. It has lasted the human wisdom within its heart.

What is library? A library is a collection of books of various kinds. The word library comes from the Latin word ‘libre’ which means a book. In the ordinary sense we know library means a house where books are kept for use by the readers. It is the greatest temple of wisdom. It is a gateway to gain infinite knowledge surrounded by finite.

Kinds of library : There are two kinds of library such as private or personal and public. The private library is an individual possession. It satisfies the individual’s thirstiness of knowledge. The public library is for all types of people. All people such as rich and poor, high and low, child or old can suck knowledge from public library. This kind of library is form by the kind help of different personalities or donation by organizations or by the government.

The Importance of Library Composition

Importance : Library has much importance. Here books are kept systematically to satisfy the hungry souls. Knowledge, experience of decades and centuries are stored in libraries. For this reason, a library can be said as the ocean of knowledge. In the library all the information, research, experience or knowledge are store chronologically. The library links the different space of times together.

Spread of education : Library helps to spread education. Anyone can learn education from the books kept in the library. All the branches of knowledge are here. Thus a library does a great deal to spread education among human beings.

Continuance of study : A library immortalizes knowledge. Knowledge has been imprisoned here. But it is ready to sprout if anyone cultivates it. Thus a library helps to continue study even after the institutional education. A library encourages a man for the continuance of his study permanently.

Encourage intellectual freedom : The practice of knowledge and learning is smooth in a library. All sorts of people are permitted here without any hindrance. One can explore any branch of knowledge. It is always ready for use. Here one can easily ruminate on anything. Thus a library helps to encourage intellectual freedom.

The Importance of Library Composition

Store of wisdom : Library is a store house of wisdom. Books of different subjects, countries, languages, branches etc. are store here. All these books are prolific in maintaining wisdom. Here one can easily get satisfaction by acquiring wisdom. Man can easily suck the essence of wisdom stored in different times and ages. Thus to offer wisdom, a library plays a great role.

Vehicle to visit world and space : A library works as a vehicle to explore the world and the space. It is impossible for one to visit the whole world. Can we travel throughout our country fully? A library here acts as a media to travel the whole world and space. But knowledge and information of different countries are store in books kept in the library. Thus a library satisfies the curiosity to travel and know different places and ideas. Not only that, a library keeps our past heroes’ achievement in the tenure of their lives. A library has immortalized their glories.

Useful to the students : A library is very useful to the students. A student can understand information about their curriculum or syllabus. He can easily collect materials from the library. In fact, a library develops the mental capacity of the students. It also enriches their knowledge.

Conclusion : The importance of library is immense. It enriches human brain and innovates it. It keeps knowledge in the best way. We can definitely say that a library helps to make a perfect man.

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