Student politics in Bangladesh Composition

Student politics in Bangladesh Composition : Introduction : Students are the future of a nation. They are the future leaders and guides of the country. they should be prepared well for the leadership of a country. They must acquire knowledge and skill in politics. But they must be cautious about the fact that they will not neglect their main duties.

Students and Politics : There is a long debatable question whether our students should practise politics or not. The learned of our country differ in this case. The main duty of the students is to read and learn. The aim of the students is to prepare them fit to encounter the struggles of life. Definitely the students will shoulder the responsibilities of the country. In this case, they should practice politics. But if this politics grasp our students and they are diverted to their main duty, how they will be able to take strong preparation for future.

Student politics in Bangladesh Composition

Student politics in the past : Our country has a long glorious student politics. Our students contributed a lot in our past days. Either in any natural disaster or national politics, our students showed their ardency and service to the nations. During our mother language movement, our brave students sacrificed a lot. They protested the injustice of our colonial rulers. Even during our liberation period, our students directly were involved in politics. They contributed a lot to bring our independence. In recent past during the revolution in 90s, our student leaders played a vital role.

Student politics at present : At present our student politics is going through extreme crisis. It has lost jus glorious past. It has become a specter of the past. Now students are not getting the praise and honour of our people. They have become the panic to everyone. Our people now fight shy of our student leaders. Now-a days our student leaders have forgot their moral identities. They have become obsessed with gaining their own. they have forgot that they will lead the nation. They now only think for their own interest.

Student politics in Bangladesh Composition

Students are derailed now : Our student leaders have become derail now. They are not control by their conscience and principles. they are controlled by our national political leaders. They have become the puppets of the leaders. Our student politics have been totally corrupt and pervert now. And the student leaders become the main instrument of the nation a politics. The students do not study now. They are involve in obnoxious politics.

Student’s involvement in terrorism, tender etc : Now-a-days our educational institutions have become mini cantonments. The student leaders have become the perpetrators of terrorism. The student councils in our institutions have become the parliament to carry out the illegal actions. All the institutions are infect with these terrorist activities. The students have become money-minded and greedy. They want to get financial gain.

Students aloofness from studies : At present our students remain aloof from their studies. They do not feel urge to study. They remain busy in the evil activities. But they should be direct to the path of goodness. Our student leaders should think for the country and the country men.

Student politics in Bangladesh Composition

Conclusion : Our student politics at present has become corrupted. Everyone is concerned about this. The teachers also are afraid of the students. But our students had glorious performance in politics. We should do our best to return our former glory in student politics.

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