How do I get the result of the HSC exam?

result of the HSC exam? We are the listener team with another new article. Today we want to tell you how to easily find out “HSC Exam Results 2022” from your smartphone or computer laptop. You can easily get an HSC result. Many of us have questions like how to get HSC results? This article was created for them today.

We know that the Ministry of Education has set a date to announce the latest results on 13th February 2022. So today, we will teach you how to see your test results easily.

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Open any browser from your phone to view result of the HSC exam? Then go to the address bar of your browser and type “,” or you can go directly by clicking here. After visiting this link, you will come across a website exactly like the screenshot below. If you take a closer look, you will see that it says “Intermediate and Secondary Education Board Bangladesh.” This is the official website of the Board of Education.

And if you notice a little, you will see a form at the bottom; basically, you have to fill out this form to find out the result of your test.

result of the HSC exam?


After clicking on the front, many sections will appear in front of you. From there, select the section of your exam. HSC / Alim and those who have given vocational tests, select the following options. Example: HSC / Alim


If you click on the front, all the years will open in front of you. From there, select the year of your exam, that is, select the year in which you took the exam. Example: 2021


Clicking Sylhet One in front will ask you to select your board from there. All the sections will be moved here. Select from here and click on the board you have. Example: Dhaka


Put your roll number in the blank form on the front. Remember to confirm the roll number by checking it repeatedly so that the roll number is not wrong in any way. Example: 224140

Registration No: 

If you notice an empty room to look at the front, put your registration number there. Your 10 digit railway station number will fit exactly here. Care must be taken not to make mistakes in any way. Example: 1717251254


Maybe you are scared to see how to complete it? Maybe some number is being shown in front of you. It could be 2 + 2 = you write ‘4’ in the empty cell in front. In other words, based on the number that will appear in front of you, you will write the answer in front so that the verification code is not wrong in any way.


When all the above fields are filled, you must submit by clicking on the submit button at the bottom. This will be your result after submitting.

No one will be able to see the result from here before the result is published, so you have to wait till the result is published. But yes, sometimes after the results are published, the server goes down a lot, then you have to try again and again.

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Ways to Check SSC Result with Mobile

With the server down at different times, many of you can’t see the results even after trying for a long time through the website, so there is another easy way for you to get your results through messages from any phone in your hand. This is a very simple procedure. Follow the steps below to get the result via mobile SMS.

First, you have to open the message option on your mobile. You have to open the option from where the message can be sent to someone else. Then you have to click where you want to write the message, and then you have to type HSC <space> BAR <space> Your HSC Roll <space> 2021 and send “16222”.

If you do not understand the system above, I will explain it again. First, go to your message option and type HSC, then learn the first three digits of your board name with a space. If your vote is Sylhet, then write SYL, then write your roll number with a space, then write the year of examination 2021, then send it to 16222.

Below are the short names of each board. Aiming at this, write the first three letters of your board name in the message option. Never write the full name of your board in the message option; then, they will not be able to give you the result.

Board shortcuts

  • Dhaka Education Board = DHA
  • Chittagong Board = CHI
  • Comilla Board = COM
  • Technical Board = TEC
  • Madrasah Board = MAD
  • Jessore Board = JES
  • Rajshahi Board = RAJ
  • Sylhet Board = SYL
  • Dinajpur Education Board = DIN
  • Barisal Education Board = BAR

Shortly after sending the message, they will send you a message again, which will mention several texts, including your roll. You need to have some money on your phone to send messages. 2.50 paisa will be deducted from your phone for sending each message.

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