Our National Flag Paragraph with (PDF)

Our National Flag Paragraph: Introduction: Every nation has a national flag. The nation feels glory for this. To get a national flag, a nation has to cost much. This flag indicates the nation’s independence and glory. Our national flag also enables us to hold our heads high.

Our identity background: Our country has a long history. We were under foreign rule for about 200 years. Both British and Pakistani rulers usurped us in every side. Our people experienced years of oppression, deprivation and torture under these foreign rule. At last, after long days we became successful to gain our independence. We got our national identity-a flag.

Struggle for a national flag: After the departure of British empire, our country fell under Pakistani rule. This time we were persecuted. Our people raised themselves to get their proper rights. We fought nine months against barbaric Pakistani rules. After nine months’ bloody battle, we got independence. Our country, Bangladesh got world recognition and we became a free state in the world map. Our national flag indicates our struggle for sovereignty and solidarity of our nation.

Our National Flag Paragraph

Description of our national flag: Our national flag is rectangular in size. It may be of different size-small and big. The ratio of its length and breadth is 10.6. The radius of the flag is one-fifth of its length. It has a round red portion at the middle. The remaining portion is bottle green in colour. The red indicates our freedom which we get after long struggle. The sun in the middle also indicates the end of oppression and the awakening of the day. The green symbolizes our youth freshness, liveliness and peace. Our great artist, Kamrul Hasan designed our national flag.

Significance of it: Our national flag is not merely a flag. It has greater significance. it is related to our life and blood.  It is like our soul. it is intertwined with our existence. This flag represents our way of living and traits that we adopt. It has enabled us to live among the nations raising our heads. Throughout the whole world, this flag marks our identity. It exposes our strong bent of mind and solidarity. It indicates that we never bow down to any foreign power. It also indicates that Bengalis are a heroic nation.

Our National Flag Paragraph

Manner of hoisting, our national flag: Our national flag was first hoisted on 2nd march 1971 at a students meeting in Dhaka university. This flag was first hoisted with singing of our national anthem at Palton meeting on 3rd march 1971. It was first hoisted abroad at the Pakistani High Commission in Kolkata on April 18, 1971 as a sign of allegiance to the Government of Bangladesh. Our national flag is officially hoisted on our Independence Day, Victory Day or other Govt. announced day It is hoisted at half mast on a day of mourning. It is hoisted in every institution on working days with due solemnity.

Our responsibilities: Our national flag is our glory. We had to pay a lot for this. It is our bounden duty to protect it’s honour and dignity. we have to be vigilant always for this. We have to be careful lest its prestige should not be trodden.We must show respect to it.

Conclusion: Our national flag is holier, dearer and more valuable than any other thing. It is our greatest achievement for which we are highly proud. To protect it even at the cost of our lives We are determined.

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