Moye Moye Song Meaning in Bengali

Recently, you may have noticed that while scrolling through the news feed on Facebook, you have seen several statuses called Moye Moye. But many people do not know what Moye Moye is? And that’s why today I will try to explain to you briefly about this Moye Moye topic.

Originally “ময়ে ময়ে” is a Russian word, its Bengali meaning is “Moye Moye” but there are several reasons why it is being trolled on Facebook. There is a song on YouTube called Moye Moye which was uploaded four years ago. Because of that song, this word is being trolled a lot on Facebook today.

Let’s know the details!

What is Moye Moye? It is a Russian language. Usually this language is not used in our region or anywhere, but nowadays there is one story of this language being trolled a lot among Bengalis. Do you want to know about that story? Moye Moye means many different meanings or different people are trying to explain different meanings.

Let us briefly know about this term “ময়ে ময়ে”. Basically people are trolling about this word because this song uses a story which is very funny. But they called it a sad story. You will be very surprised to read the story. Biography

Moye Moye – Story!

This very funny story will make you laugh. In the song it is shown that in a village there lived a very small boy and a girl, they had a very good friendship. Thus their friendship goes a long way and when they are both in class eight, the girl between them goes missing or gets kidnapped.

At one point, the boy was too mentally broken and could not find the girl in any way. Then the boy tags that village and goes to another village. After some time passed like this, one day the lost girl’s ring went shopping in the shopping mall. While shopping, a girl looks like the lost girl, and when the aunt takes something from the girl, at this point the girl starts asking her who are you?

Aunty didn’t reply, Aunty mistook her for the girl and came to her house, at one point Angi moved to her own house and Angi told her husband the whole thing, the funny thing is that just telling Uncle about this, they quarreled and got divorced. goes The family tried to keep them from divorcing and to stay together but it was never possible.

The family now wants to know why they got divorced?-But in this regard, neither uncle nor Angi can give any answer as to why the divorce took place between them.

Just telling the girl we met and that we visited her house made our relationship go bad. No one could tell why the divorce happened. Just like that, many people are writing “ময়ে ময়ে” on Facebook without knowing.

Even in the comment box of this type of post, there are thousands of public who are commenting only by writing “ময়ে ময়ে” but they do not know the meaning of this writing at all. But it has largely been trolled for having this ridiculous history.

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