How to make an income from a website?

How to make an income from a website? Such a question is shameful in the minds of many of us. Those of us who are involved online are often thinking about different topics. One of the primary thoughts is how to make money from a website. Yes, there are several processes to make income from a website. One of the popular processes is to make money from the website through Google Adsense.

In today’s article, we will discuss all the issues on how to make income from a website. If you are new to the website or Google Adsense, the whole article is made for you. Here are just a few basic basics that we think are important to you.

The topics covered in this article!

  • How to create a website?
  • Which platform will you build the website on?
  • What is a domain, how does it work?
  • Whatis hosting, and how does it work?
  • What is SEO, and why is it needed?
  • Whatis Google Adsense?
  • How to make money from Google Adsense?
  • What is required on the website to make income from?
  • How much money can be earned from the website?
  • How to create a website?

By website, we mean a store where your product or various items are arranged which people can easily read or use as people need. We can organize a website in the same way we decorate a shop.

The first answer to how to make money from a website is that before making money from a website, you need to create a beautiful website. Before making an income from a source, the first thing to do is to make a website look beautiful and responsive.

But yes, to create a website, you need to know something of advanced level because there is so much competition around that creating a website with basic issues does not make it very responsive. Sometimes websites are created on different platforms to make them responsive, and developers are used there. With advanced-level developers, you can create the website you want.

What is a website? With this kind of question, we understood that website is like a store that you have to organize. This could be a news website, e-commerce, or any website for blogging. Your website needs to be designed so that any user is attracted to it and loves it.

Which platform will you build the website on?

We have discussed above what a basic website is. However, the platform on which the website will be built depends only on your budget or experience, and sometimes it depends on what you want to write about or what you want to build the website on most of the time.

If your website is e-commerce related, you can take Laravel or WordPress’s help. However, most people use WordPress. WordPress is currently ahead of all platforms. Most of the time, we see that most of the people do their portfolio website (Portfolio Website) or Business Website (Business Website) in WordPress because the WordPress Control Panel (WordPress Control Panel) is much easier for us.

However, for those who have a very basic level, the ‘Blogger Platform’ may be a requirement depending on the subject. Because blogging is a lot better for most bloggers when building a website and not having to invest in buying domain hosting, here is a plus point for newbies.

Creating a website by investing 5,000 / – in a new situation becomes difficult for many. So many people ignore this issue. Blogger is the perfect platform for them. And those who have an advanced level (Advance Level) whose popularity is much higher can use the various advanced platforms.

Some popular website building platforms

  • Wix
  • HubSpot Website Builder
  • WooCommerce
  • Gator by HostGator
  • Zyro
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • Dreamhost Website Builder
  • GoDaddy Website Builder

What is a domain? How does it work?

Each website has a specific IP address. E.g., It is usually difficult to remember a website with an IP address. So for the convenience of remembering, the domain name is used instead of the IP address. Domain names are also used to identify one or more computers on the Internet.

Let’s look at some uses of the domain name: – – – here Google, YouTube, and Facebook We usually find the domain name easily because it is difficult to remember the website with the IP address.

There is a huge amount of domain registration in which some of the mentioned domain extensions are given below-

  • .com
  • .xyz
  • .ru
  • .org
  • .net
  • .ir
  • .in
  • .uk
  • .au
  • .de
  • .ua

The domains that have been registered more in 2021

  • .tk 27.5 million
  • .cn 24.7 million
  • .de 16.6 million
  • .uk 10.8 million
  • .nl 6.0 million

What is hosting? What does it do?

Hosting is a type of web server. Where all the data of a particular website or blog is stored, when a user searches the Internet for a specific domain name, they can see all the data on that website or blog through the hosting.  A website emerges in front of the user through the connection between the domain and the hosting.

When a computer is connected to a network, it is called a host. Sometimes a computer or other device connected to a network is also called a host. It can be a mobile, tablet, or any other device. There are different types of hosts, such as network host, web host, etc. For example: When a domain is connected to the hosting through a network, it falls within the web host.

What is SEO, and why is it needed?

SEO means search engine optimization, which will increase the amount and quality of traffic to your website through web search engine results pages. In other words, search engine optimization increases the quality and quantity of website traffic from search engines. SEO focuses on organic traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic to a website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes a website to rank higher in other search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Nowadays, most web developers and online marketers target Google search engines for some unique algorithms of Google search results. Moreover, 75% of web search work is done by visitors from Google search engines, so everyone adopts the strategy of Google search engine optimization.

There are two types of SEO!

On-page SEO

On page SEO is all about the internal work done to rank a website in various search engines.

On-page SEO can again be divided into two parts. E.g

  • 1. Technical SEO
  • 2. Page Optimization

Here are the things to do for on-page SEO: –

  • Domain, Domain Name, Domain Address / URL
  • Title, Keyword, Description
  • NO-follow, DO-follow
  • HTML Tag H1, H2 and H3
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analysis
  • Content Optimization etc.

► Off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the process of URL Sharing, Link Building, and the promotion done on different websites to promote and increase the popularity of any website.

Here are the things to look for when selecting yours: 

Off-Page SEO

  • Web 2.0
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Article Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Review Submission
  • PDF Submission
  • Video Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Guest Post
  • Email Marketing

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising publishing program of Google. If you have a website or YouTube channel, you can earn money by viewing ads through Google Adsense. You can see different ads in youtube videos or blogs, but these ads are given through google AdSense. In other words, Google Adsense is a service of Google.

Adsense is two types!

  • Hosted account. ‘Hosted Account’
  • Non-Hosted Account ‘Non-Hosted Account

Hosted account

The Adsense you use on YouTube is the hosted account. This hosted account deducts some of the dividends from the income earned through YouTube ads.


Non-Hosted Account

The AdSense you use on a website or blog is a non-hosted account. This account is managed entirely under your supervision.

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►► পপুলার কয়েকটি অল্টারনেটিভ পেইড সফটওয়্যার এর ব্যবহার

How to make money from Google Adsense?

How to make an income from a website? The first source of income for this question is Google Adsense. The other ad networks are not so popular because of the alternative to Google Adsense for income from the website and will not pay you regularly like Google Adsense.

The main title of our article is ‘How to make money from a website?’ We have discussed above what AdSense is based on this title. And to make money from AdSense, you need to have a YouTube channel or a website. Many of us may know that it is possible to earn income by approving a Google AdSense account with the website.

The YouTube channel monetizes our channel when we apply it by filling out the requirements (conditions). That is, YouTube connects us to the Google AdSense account. It works so that from now on, ads will be shown on your YouTube channel through the official system of YouTube, and you will be able to withdraw the money earned from that advertisement through your Google Adsense account.

Mainly there is no system to monetize Google Adsense. Yes, there is such a system now. You can make money by selling it if you have Google Adsense, but you can’t make money with Google Adsense. You have to make money through a website or YouTube channel and withdraw it through a Google Adsense account.

What are the requirements to make income from a website?

We have discussed above all the tools needed to create a website – Domain-Hosting (Domain-Hosting) and a beautiful responsive design. But yes, there are currently huge amounts of free online platforms to create a beautiful responsive website and get Google Adsense approved. But yes, if you create a website on free platforms, you do not have their backend control in your hands. That is, you can not go from here to any other platform.

You should always have a long line of thought or activities you should, and we recommend that you use premium items that you have full control over, full access to, and move to other places if you want. You can also see that every platform has the advantage of using free and premium.


If you create a website in WordPress, you can do everything premium and return there. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You need to fill out the Google Requirements for AdSense Approval on the website. Google’s Requirement “Website must have a minimum of 30-40 unique articles written by you.

Each article must be written at least 1,000 words.” Remember to port an article on your website to be unique and write articles so that people benefit from them so that people can feel comfortable reading them. After that, if you create and apply Google AdSense account, your website will be approved by Google AdSense (Adsense Approve).

Once approved, Google will display the content on your website and their ads in different places on the homepage, and your website will continue to generate revenue through those ads. In this way, the more traffic you get to your website, the more your income will increase.

We are always trying to figure out how to get more organic traffic to our website, and the best way to get it is to do SEO. It is possible to get your website in a good position by SEO.

With the help of this company, you can get sponsorship from different companies if your website has enough traffic. You can also use the ad networks of different companies. This way, you can make income by creating a website. So, I hope you understand the correct answer to this question about how to make income from the website.

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How Much Money Does a Website Make?

This is the main topic of all the topics we have discussed above! How Much Money Can I Make From A Website? Although, as I said before, it is a complete traffic-based system. The more traffic your website receives, the more revenue it will generate. Then, your main target should be how to get more organic traffic because your income is based on organic traffic.

The more organic traffic, the more your income will be updated. How much income you have, how many impressions, you can see everything beautifully from Google Adsense.

These can be easily seen from Google AdSense, and especially by using Google Analytics, you can see all the data on the website. You can see all the organic traffic direct login or visit the website and from where they are visiting.

And if the organic traffic to your website continues to grow, you will be sponsored by different companies for a while, and you will be able to earn a good amount through that sponsor. However, there is no such limitation because you will not earn income once you come here. You have to go to a good position and then find a way to earn income.


You can earn by adopting the above means. We have already discussed in front of you the mediums that are required to make money from a website or the basic and advanced mediums that you need to know. You, too, can get your website in a very good position by using the above mediums.

Just writing articles and publishing them will not get visitors to our website. We need to know if our articles are Adam Qualitative or if people will need them and be encouraged to read them.  We need to know what people want.

If there is any mistake in any of the issues discussed above, look at it with a look of forgiveness and hand over the mistake to us very quickly to make a mistake. And yes, you can comment on how you like the article and share it on your social media if you want.

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