Good Side Paragraph All in One

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Good Side Paragraph All in One

My Country Paragraph : The name of our country is Bangladesh. It is in south-east Asia. It became independent in 1971 from occupied Pakistan. Its area is 1,47,570 sq. kilometers. See More…….

Early Rising Paragraph : Early rising means the habit of getting up from bed early in the morning. This habit is very useful to a man in various ways. If anybody wishes to enjoy the charms of the morning and enjoy a sound mind in a sound body, he must get up early in the morning. See More…..

A Moonlit Night Paragraph : Allah has created a lot of wonderful things in the world. The moon is one of them. Generally a moonlit night is a beautiful night. The moonbeams light the whole atmosphere. The bright but cool beams of the moon spread a charming awning over the earth. See More…..

An Ideal Political Leader Paragraph : An ideal political leader is endowed with a lot of qualities. All these qualities are transparent in his character and deeds. Political Leader must be kind hearted, sympathetic and benevolent. He must work for the people of his country. See More…..

Good Side Paragraph All in One

An Ideal Teacher Paragraph : Idealism is often a theorical matter. It is rare in reality. Nevertheless every thing has an ideal character. An ideal teacher is an extremely valuable asset for any nation. An ideal teacher is wise, dutiful, sincere, self-taught and far-sighter. See More…..

An Ideal Student Paragraph : An ideal student has certain qualities. Firstly, he studies attentively. He never neglects to his studies. He is very sincere to his lessons. Secondly, he attends his classes regularly. He listens to his teachers carefully. See More…..

My Hobby Paragraph : I am a student. I have a hobby. It is gardening. I like it from the core of my heart. Since my very boyhood, I feel strong attraction for gardening. I have made a garden in front of my house. It covers 0.50 acres of land. See More…..

My Family Paragraph : Family means a group consisting of parents and others. There are five members in my family. All the members are closely related with each other. We live in peace and harmony. There is no disparity among the members of my family. See More…..

Good Side Paragraph All in One

A School Library Paragraph : A library is the place where various kinds of books, newspapers, magazines, etc are kept for readers. Mostly, students need it to enrich their knowledge. We have a library in our school compound. It has a good collection of books. See More…..

A School Magazine Paragraph : A school magazine contains the literary works and other information of a school. Every year, our school publishes a very nice magazine. The name of the magazine is ‘Campus’. There is a magazine committee in order to publish the magazine smoothly. See More….

Facebook Paragraph : Facebook is an internet based social networking system. It works through a computer. Any one having a personal computer with internet connection can easily access to face book. He also needs an e-mail address. One has to fill up a form with his detail. See More…..

Importance Of Learning English Paragraph :The language which is used all over the world for smooth communication is called an international language. English is an international language. For centuries English has been being used for international communication in many countries. See More….

Good Side Paragraph All in One

Independence Day Paragraph : Independence means freedom from domination of others. Bangladesh declared its independence on 26 March 1971. So, 26 March is our Independence Day and it is the biggest state festival of Bangladesh. See More…..

A Traffic Police Paragraph : A traffic police is a police constable who maintains the movement of the vehicles on busy roads. He works very hard. He keeps strict vigilance on the vehicles. His job is very risky and adventurous. He works on a bend. Sometimes he stands under a shed. See More….

Mujib Borsho Paragraph : On the occasion of the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh declared the year 2020-2021 as Mujib Year. Mujib year is being celebrated from 17th March 2020. The celebration ended on 31 March 2022. See More…..

Digital Bangladesh Paragraph : Digital means using a system of receiving and sending information as a series of the numbers one and zero. Showing that an electronic signals is there or is not there. Digital Bangladesh means it will be an e-state. All of its activities like governance, See More…..

Good Side Paragraph All in One

Mobile Phone Paragraph : Mobile phone is one of the wonderful gifts of science. It is a higher edition of wireless. It is portable and handy. A man can use it standing at any place. It has brought a great change in communication section. It has made the world closer. See More…..

Internet Paragraph : Internet means international network. It is a blessing of modern science. It’s originate from intercom. It is a communication system based on computer. In this technology, numerous computers are link through satellite. Messages can be sent and receive by internet within seconds. See More…..

Good Manners Paragraph : Politeness means the quality of being polite. It is one of the great virtues of man. Politeness imbibes a man to be free, frank and amiable to others. He has no ill-feelings or enmity to others. He does not show any haughty behavior in front of others. See More…..

A Railway Station Paragraph : A railway station is a place where trains come and depart from. There is a large paint building where a lot of rooms are used for different purposes. there is a station master’s room, a ticket counter where passengers gather to collect their tickets. See More…..

Good Side Paragraph All in One

Female Education Paragraph : Education is the yard stick of development. It helps to grow the inherent potentialities of human beings. Educate men and women can contribute to the development of a nation. As women are a part of society, they should be educated. See More…..

A Rainy Day Paragraph : A rainy day is a dull and gloomy day. The sky is overcast with clouds. It always pours. Some times it is heavy. Some times it may lessen for the time being. There is the presence of silence everywhere. No one can go out. The people who have necessity are compel to go out with umbrellas overhead. See More…..

A Winter Morning Paragraph : A winter morning is cold and misty. There is dense fog everywhere in this morning. Distant things Can’t see up close. Dew drops fall on the leaves and plants. There is barrenness and frigid everywhere. People get up from bed late. See More…..


International Mother Language Day Paragraph : 21st February is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day, our valiant sons laid down their lives for the mother tongue. The Pakistani rulers tried to establish Urdu as the state language. Our sons protested this and some of them were brutally killed on 21st February, 1952. See More…..

Good Side Paragraph All in One

A Book Fair Paragraph : A book fair is an exhibition of books. A variety of books are displayed for sale at book fairs. Book fair is a popular fair in our country. Book fair is considered as a festival for book lovers. Many types of books including poetry, plays, novels, short story books are displayed here. See More…..

Our National Flag Paragraph: Every nation has a national flag. The nation feels glory for this. To get a national flag, a nation has to cost much. This flag indicates the nation’s independence and glory. Our national flag also enables us to raise our heads in a dignified manner. See More…..

Tree Plantation Paragraph : Tree plantation means the planting of trees. It is very essential to sustain our life on earth Trees and foresrs are linked with us. To plant trees is to make our life smooth and danger free. Trees exert immense importance on us. They give us oxygen. See More…..

Physical Exercise Paragraph : Physical Exercise means movement of our limbs. Human body is not machine. A machine can be kept in a place with our movement. But human body must be moved and stirred up. Otherwise it turns to be inactive and immobile. And so Physical Exercise is very important. See More…..

A Tea Stall Paragraph : Tea is the most popular drink throughout the whole world. In Bangladesh too, tea is badly popular. Maximum people drink tea 3 times, 4 times or more everyday. So, we can seen tea stall everywhere in the country. A tea stall is such a stall where tea is prepar and served biscuits, bread, cake, banana, betel leaf, cigarette etc. See More…..

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