Fruits of Bangladesh Composition

Fruits of Bangladesh Composition : Introduction : Our soil and climate are the gift of nature. The monsoon brings sufficient rainfall here. This help to create a lot of fruits in different kinds. All the year, this country produces fruits at large number.

Fruits in summer : The summer is the best time for numerous crops. Almost everywhere in our country sufficient number of fruits is found. Among these mango, berry, jackfruit, lichi etc. are memorable. All these fruits are highly delicious and tasty.

Fruits in rainy season : In rainy season guava, pine-apple, lemon etc. are found largely. Mango and jackfruit also are stock in this season. In the rain all these fruits are enrich with pelf and taste.

Fruits in autumn and late-autumn : In this season, plam and coconuts are stock. These fruits are found in the districts of Barisal, Khulna, Noakhali, Patuakhali, Comilla, Faridpur etc.

Fruits of Bangladesh Composition

In winter : Orange is the main fruit in this season. It is found in Sylhet and Chittagong Hilly regions. Another important fruits in this season are plum, dates, sugar cane etc. These fruits are Make everywhere in this season.

In spring : In spring people satisfy themselves by eating water melon, the wood apples, pomegranates etc. These fruits are stock more or less everywhere in our country.

Some prominent fruits : Bangladesh is rich in different fruits. These fruits are of different colours and sizes. They are of different fleshes and tastes. Among the delicious fruits, some are describe below:

Mango : Mango is the most common and favourite fruit in our country. It is enrich with vitamins. It has different kinds such as Fazli, Langra, Gopalbhog, Mohonbhog, Sitabhog etc. Mango has sweet flavours and everyone likes it.

Jack-fruit : Jack-fruit is our national fruit. It has a rough and prickly skin. It has flakes which are stock inside its skin. Jack-fruit is a composite fruit. It is juicy and charming.

Fruits of Bangladesh Composition

Pine-apple : Pine-apple has tasty juice. It is very suitable for health. It is said that a glass of pine-apple juice every morning keeps man away from the doctors. This fruit grows best in the districts of Sylhet and Chittagong.

Banana : This fruit is stock all the year round. It is both nutritious and delicious. Amritasagar, Shabri, Kabri, Agniswar etc. are its kinds. Its green prototype is use as kitchen vegetables. Ripe banana is really very tasty.

Coconut : The coconut is another common fruit in our country. It contains fine water. Its kernel is very tasty and whole-some. In summer, its water removes our thirst and tiredness.

Conclusion : Bangladesh is rich in fruit wealth. All these fruits are health giving. Numerous types of syrups, jams and jellies are prepare from these fruits. We can earn a lot of foreign exchange by selling these fruits. It is our natural wealth.

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