Empowerment of Women Composition

Role of Women in Bangladesh / Empowerment of Women Composition : Introduction : Man is the best creation of Almighty. Here ‘man’ means both male and female. Our Creator has endowed human beings with rationality and sanity. To develop and flourish these rare phenomena, both male and female must be need A country can not be develop without empowerment of women which is an important aspect in the concept of both global and national development. Women’s contributions are indispensable for socio-economic development. So their participation is to be ensure in development work.

Global background : To pace with the present world women folk can be turn into an asset by ensuring their active involvement. Need of women development and their involvement in the production orient projects are recognis in the world. So the matter is not a domestic issue only. Rather the global world concept is to be consider. The UN is actively working for women development as well as empowerment. World Women’s Day was declare in 1975 and its object was empowerment of women. establishing of rights in the family, society and work fields. First World Women Conference was held in Mexico in 1875 for women empowerment.

Empowerment of Women Composition

Bangladesh background : The empowerment of women in Bangladesh has long been felt. To face gender discrimination, indifference to women’s fundamental rights and constitutional equity with males Bangladesh government formed women Rehabilitation Board. In 1978 Women Affairs Ministry was form to monitor the government steps relating to empowerment to women.

Empowerment of women in administration and politics : At present about 10,000 women are employ in administration and management jobs. A few women are in secretarial posts now. In Bangladesh 25 million women are labour force, 79% are in agro-based sector. 9.9% in manufacturing and transportation sector, 2.2% in marketing sector and 0.6% in clerical posts. In Banking 01 general manager, in police department 05 women supers and 01 Brigadier woman in AMC. Out of total 85,000 women 1% in ministries, 16% in autonomous bodies and 82.5% in official jobs are employed. A very small number of women are in politics and parliament now. It is mentionable that our prime Minister and opposite leader are women which is good for Bangladesh.

Empowerment of Women Composition

Steps of empowerment and real situation : The first and foremost factor for women development is education. Education is necessary for awakening consciousness in women. Preconditions for empowerment of women are (i) to change their status and financial condition; (ii) to make them participate in decision making and controlling affairs. Women are under the jaws of household maintenance, child rearing, child birth but they hardly get recognition of their rights. Women participate in the manual labour in the garment industries like their male counterparts and, moreover, they work for 21 hours a day which is more than the males. Due to family code and religious rigours women’s rights and entity are defied.

Rule of NGO in women empowerment : There is a progressive action programme for empowerment of women in NGO sector. ADAB a top level NGO organisation has five women in the executive committee. Many voluntary organisations are working for driving consciousness, generating income sources and/ investment orienting schemes so that women strive for self employment.

Bars to women empowerment : There are a lot of bars against women empowerment and women development. Women are compel to work at low wage in agriculture or other non-recognised sectors. Thinking and planning for women empowerment is not less both in government and non-government levels but materialisation of thinking and planning is still in question.

Empowerment of Women Composition

According to constitution of Bangladesh : Any gender discrimination to women is strictly prohibit due to religion, creed, place and birth. For women development and empowerment our government has founded Women Rehabilitation Board, Rehabilitation ad Welfare Foundation, National Women Organisation, Women Affairs Directorate and Independent Women and Children Affairs Ministry. Women Directorate has is branches in 64 districts and 136 thanes. National Women Organization has mobilised its activities in 236 thanes. Government has declared female education free unto 12 class.

Food grain and compensation for female student is given every month. Role of women representative in local bodies and state politics is ensure to accelerate the process of empowerment of women in Bangladesh. Reservation of 15% seats for women in the parliament has been made. This provision in the constitution will enhance role of women in rural affairs.

Conclusion : It is a must for making women economically, socially and politically self-reliant and empowered. Empowerment of women is a matter where women will compete with men in equal rights to build up a beautiful world. Discrimination between male and female will be uproot and the next generation will see a new peaceful world.

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