Duties of a Student Composition

Introduction: Student life is badly important and the most valuable part of a man’s life. It is called the sowing season of future life. Again, a student is the greatest asset and future leader of his country. So, he is perform many duties for himself and his country. Duties of a Student Composition

Main duty: The main duty of a student is to study attentively and regularly. He should utilize most of his time in acquiring knowledge. Beside text books, he should read newspapers, magazines, literature, history etc. because, knowladge enlightens and broadens our mind. Besides, this knowladge helps him to make a good result in his examinations.

Care of health: A student must take care of his health. because health is wealth and the root of all happiness. An unhealthy student can’t do his duties properly. So he must follow the rules of health. He should take physical exercise regularly.

Forming character: A student must form good moral character. because character is the crown of  life. A characterless man has nothing to give himself and the country. Therefore, he should be honest, religious, modest, selfless, truthful and kind. He should also be gentle, persevere, sincere, durtiful, disciplined etc. Duties of a Student Composition

Service to the illiterate people: Illiteracy is a great problem for our country. So, every student should play a role to remove illiteracy. During the vacation, a student should try to educate the people of  his locality. He can do it by setting up night school. Duties to the farmers: Bangladesh is an  agricultural country. But our farmers don’t know how to utilize scientific methods of cultivation. A student can teach them to utilize scientific methods of cultivation.

Duties in time of natural calamity: During any natural, srudent can do many things to remove the distress of the affected people. They can collect funds and distribute among the affected people. Moreover, they can take part in relief works. By rendering voluntary service too, they can help the affected prople.

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