Drug Addiction Paragraph With PDF

Drug Addiction Paragraph : Drug addiction is a serious problem. Numerous causes lead to this addiction. It damages a man. Addiction means strong attraction for harmful things. Drug addiction means the taking of drugs. Substances that create addiction in humans are called drugs. These drugs include opium, morphine, heroine, cocaine, pethadine etc.

Drug addiction is a very bad practice. It is a curse. Now-a-days it has become a great headache to everyone. There are many causes behind this drug addiction. Frustration in life leads one to take drugs. Unhappy relationship in families, failures in love, unemployment, poverty, political instability, unrest etc are the causes of this addiction.

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The frustrated man takes drugs to relieve him from the turmoil of mind. Drug addiction creates demoralization. It costs a lot of money. It damages a man’s brain and intestines.It helps to create chaos and disorder in society.

Drug addicts engage in various anti-social activities to procure drugs. Sometimes they hijack or continue terrorism to get money. Once this addiction is formed, it is very difficult to control. The addicts become burden to society. Everyone avoids them. Drug addiction leads a man to his doom. Thus drug addiction testing is a must for our young generation. Drug Addiction Paragraph

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