Deforestation Paragraph

Deforestation Paragraph (PDF)

Deforestation Paragraph: Deforestation means the cutting down of trees at a large scale. People cut down trees for their self-interest. But they are not at all conscious of the dire consequences of deforestation. It creates great damage for ecology. The trees protect the environment.’

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They help to bring moderate rainfall.They prevent a country from drought, flood, cyclone and other natural calamities. They provide oxygen and absorb carbon-dioxide. But deforestation accelerates the extinction of trees. If deforestation continues, the weather will be extreme. The country may be turned into a desert. The temperature will rise up. The amount of carbon-dioxide and other poisonous gases will increase. It will create Green House Effect and soil erosion. This will cause serious harm for our cultivation. We will not be able to get food, timber, wood etc. Birds, animals and other living beings depending on trees will be extinct. It will increase natural calamities. To protect ourselves and our environment, we have to stop deforestation. Otherwise, our life on earth will be doomed.

Deforestation Paragraph PDF
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