Convert image to text with Google Docs

Welcome to our new article. We reappeared with one more wonderful new article. When we sit down to type a text on a computer, it is seen that it takes us a long time to type a page. Besides, we have to waste a lot of time typing by hand. But friends, there is a method that if you apply the method, you can type a few pages in one minute (Convert image to text). Today’s article is about how you can do this.Friends, we usually type by looking at a handwritten text or any print copy. Here you can get your handwriting or any printed page converted to text.

First, you have to scan all the pages for typing, or if you don’t want to, you can take pictures of the pages with your mobile and import them to your computer or laptop. After importing the images, we will convert the images to type. Then open the browser you are using on your computer. Remember that your browser must have a Gmail account login. If you look at the top right of the browser, you will see a menu bar with its name (Google Apps). You have to click on that icon.

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Convert image to text with Google Docs

Then a little further down, you will see the Google Drive option. Then we will upload the pages that we have taken pictures of here. You can also do this with mobile if you want. Since Google Drive software is the default in mobile, you can upload the mobile and complete the rest of the work through a computer. Next process: When your images are completely uploaded to Google Drive, right-click the image.

Then if you look at the top, you will see the text (Open With), then place the mouse cursor on it, you will see many options on the right side of which you (Google Docs) will click on the option. Then magic will open in front of you. When you scroll down a little bit to the picture you have uploaded and converted to the software called Google Docs, you will see that all the text in the picture moves towards the bottom.

How easily the work has been completed. No matter how big your page is, the writing will be perfect and will go very well. From time to time, we use various tools or software to convert images to text which is not so smooth to use, but it is a complete service of Google that is very acceptable and usable.You can add text to Google Docs if you want. You can modify the text.You can change the size of the text. You can change the color of the text.

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Now I will teach you how to extract text from handwritten pages. Similarly, you need to upload your handwritten page to Google Drive. Then the rest of the work has to be done in the same way. Then you have to go to Google Docs. When the handwritten page opens in Google Docs, just like the previous system, you will see that all the words in your handwritten page move downwards.

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