Become a voter online while sitting at home

Become a voter online Those who have not yet done Voter ID Card (National ID Card) can easily create a Voter ID Card (National ID Card) through the smartphone they want. For this, you have to be at least 18 years old. Not only in the country, from now on, but expatriate brothers and sisters can also easily apply for a Voter ID Card (National ID Card) with the smartphone in hand. This is what we will discuss in today’s article.

To complete the whole process, you need to open your Chrome browser or the browser on your smartphone or PC / Laptop. Then go to the search bar, and type ‘services nidw gov bd,’ or you can click on this link directly. Then first click on the website that has ‘NID Card.’ Then a government website will open in front of you. You can see the full features. The requirement to read their terms and conditions.

Become a voter online

It is mandatory to have an account here to apply for your Voter ID Card (National ID Card). Notice that there are two options. ‘Register’ and ‘Apply’ Since we will be registering, click on the ‘Apply’ button. Then you need to create an account with your information. Full name (in English), date of birth, and verification captcha must be completed. Then you will notice that there is a button called ‘Bahal,’ you have to click there. Then you have to give me your mobile number. You have to click the Send Message button or send a six-digit code to your number to complete the number verification. Then you need to complete the account by confirming with username and password.

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Become a voter online

Remember, all the information you have given above will be filled in as per your certificate or birth registration card. If you fill in with fictitious information, you may get in trouble. Then after completing the account, you need to share some more information with them. Complete them. Fill in all the options correctly according to your birth registration or school-college certificate.

Then you have to give all the information you want here carefully and keep in mind that even if you don’t give the ones that are not required and you have to give the ones that are completely required, you have to complete your account with the correct information.

After completing your account process, the information that you have completed the accounting process for so long, download the information through PDF, print it, and add some documents. All the documents required, attested photocopy of your school certificate, a photocopy of the NID card of your parents, a certificate of citizenship, attested photocopy of birth certificate.

Become a voter online

Then at the end of the form that you have downloaded (34), there is the identifier NID number – that is, the number of the NID card of the chairman of your area should be given here.And you have to give his signature in front. Now at the top, there is the applicant’s signature. Give your signature. Then attach the necessary documents that I mentioned.Then go to the election office near you and submit them. Then the officials in the election office will give you a date. According to that date, you have to go and come with fingerprints, eye iris, all these.

For those who are expatriates: Those of you who are expatriates, when you come to the country, what is the application process before coming.Because it may take a few days to process, do it so that you can come and submit the documents immediately.

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