My Aim in life Composition

Introduction : Every man should have a fixed aim in his life. Because, an aimless life is like a rudderless ship. None can succeed without proper aim. So, a  fixed aim is a must to succeed in life. Aim in life Composition

Kinds of aims : Aims are of from various kinds. It varies from man to man. Some want to be doctor, some engineers, some teachers and some businessmen. However, aim should be seleted very carefully and according to one’s liking and ability.

My aim in  life : I have a fixed aim in my life. My aim in life is be a doctor. I have selected if after much thought. My parents have supported my decision.

Reason of choise : I am a village boy. I know very well how must the villagers suffer for want of a good doctor. Even, many villagers die premature death for want of only a good doctor. My grandmother also died a premature death for the same reason. These incidents have shocked me. So, I want to be a good doctor. After being a doctor, I will live in my village and serve the villagers. Aim in life Composition

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How to fulfil the aim : In our country, to be a doctor is not easy at all. At first, I have to pass the SSC and the HSC with good result from science group. Then to get admission in MBBS course, I have to compete with all the good students. Therefore, I am working very hard with sincerity from now. I am confident of fulfilling my aim. Aim in life Composition

Conclusion : I think, my selection of  aim is proper and right. Because, I love to serve mankind. Moreover, Allah loves them who love His creations.

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