Composition: A Journey By Boat I Made

Composition: A Journey By Boat I Made : introduction : Travel in general is attractive to everyone. I like to travel. Specially a boat journey id very thrilling to me. A few days ago, I made a journey by boat from Naogaon town to Atrai Upazila town.

Occasion : The occasion was to join my friend’s sister’s marriage ceremony. My friend’s family lived at Atrai Upazila town. So, to attend the marriage ceremony I had to make that journey by boat.

Descripiton of the journey : Five other friends joined me. We hired a big beautiful boat. On the fixed day, we started our journey at 3.00 pm. There were two boat men in the boat. Fortunately, the weather was very wonderful. The sky was clear, the river was very calm and the wind was favourable. The boatmen set the sail and the boat began to run rapidly.

A Journey By Boat I Made

The scenery I enjoyed : all thing were very wonderful and enjoyable. Many other boats were playing in the river. The fishermen were fishing, boys and girls swimming and women were washing clothes. Various kinds of birds were flying about, over the river. There were green trees and crop-fields on both sides of the river. The more we were enjoying, the more we were being thrilled. A boat man began to sing various Vatiali Songs. We ourselves also sang “Ore Nil Doria..” With all these, there were plenty of joy and thrill around us.

Destination : We reached Atrai Upazila town in the evening. We got down from the boat and our friend received us. He became very glad to seen us.

Conclusion : It was the most thrilling journey in my life. The journey gave me plenty of pleasure and experience. I can never forget that journey. Whenever I remember that journe, I become thrilled.

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